The Ordinary is in Birmingham !!!

I have some good news for you skincare enthusiasts !

So, as you may or may not know, I love my holy grail RoseHip oil from The Ordinary. I rave about it all the time and recommend it to anyone and everyone, because it's organic and great for all skin types. However, the only annoying thing was that  I could only order the oil online when my one ran out, as no stores in Birmingham stock Deciem.
However.... the other day, I popped into Harvey Nichols just for a browse, and nothing more, when I could see what looked like an entire section of The Ordinary products.
I wear glasses might I add, so I wasn't too sure if I could squeal in excitement until I had come close enough to the huge counter where all the products had been on display.

The excitement was REAL ! To my surprise, there were soo many products all displayed neatly in store and everything was in stock.  It's quite common to find a lot of The Ordinary products out of stock online, a…
I'm back !

If you've been reading my blog posts for a while, you may have noticed that I haven't written a blog post in quite a few months, I definitely have not stopped or anything of the sort. Its just that for the past few months I have been focusing on writing for a Magazine which I have been loving in doing. So, most my writing efforts were focused on writing for HijabInStyle Magazine, as I have to balance my writing hobby with my University studies. Since, I am an English Language student, I'm sure you can imagine how it would be if I had to write for my blog, as well as a Magazine, and then my University assignments ( I might go crazy, and start sleep typing )😆😆😆
However, now that the summer holidays are here, I am back for good.  Despite being absent for some time I have been gathering content to write about, such as places to eat, products to try. So, I can't wait to start sharing all this great stuff with all you lovelies.

 Okiie, let me also update yo…
I tried Amazons best-selling Face Mask and here is what I thought.

Now, Amazon sells all sorts of super cool, weird, useful and not so useful stuff. I mainly buy stuff of Amazon, when I know they aren't available in the UK, or after I watch 'Tasting American Candy' on YouTube, I fall into temptation and order a bunch of American sweets. However, Amazon also sells beauty products and specifically the Aztec Healing Clay Mask. I've heard tons of positive reviews all over YouTube, Instagram, Blogs and from people in general about how amazing this mask is. So, obviously I had to try it out, plus I knew it would be great to write about, since most people do YouTube Demos, I’ll be doing a writing demo 😊
OK, first let me tell you all the reasons why I had to buy the mask. (Maybe, you might become as tempted as I was, and you might just hop on to Amazon and order one too)
1. The mask is a #1 Bestseller on Amazon. On Amazon there is a feature, where you can check out which products…
Come Dress shopping with me x

Wedding season as well as prom are next to each other and the time is coming so soon. 
So, as my Instagram poll suggested by you all, that I should do a blog post as well as post some pictures on my Instagram story on dress ideas, here goes . If you don’t already follow me on Instagram, then go ahead and follow @humairascorner. I share content daily, mainly related to beauty and skincare and other interesting stuff.
Last week, I was just walking past David’s Bridal, when the idea of prom and wedding dress blog post idea hit me. More like Eureka ✨✨. I went in, and the staff were so lovely and were completely fine with me taking as many pictures as I wanted . Most of the time when you walk in to pretty shops as such, you tend to feel quite uncomfortable thinking you have to buy something and that you can’t just look around. However, in David’s Bridal it's quite the opposite. It’s the ideal place to go to for either wedding, prom or any party dresses. Oooh, t…
Beauty & Seoul First Impression on Korea's Best Skincare products
One of my absolute gorgeous besties came by the other day to drop off some gifts which she had been waiting to give me from her recent holiday. There was no need for all the gifts, just seeing her made my day, but I guess I had no say in that department.

Now, aside from what she got for me from her trip, being the Amazing human that she is, she added extra touches of her thoughtfulness with stuff she thought I would like, or things I should try out.
One of the gifts she had given me was labelled“ Maybe a new blog post “, which was the cutest thing ever.

So of course, this post is all because of her. ( Thank You Zaynab)
Beauty&Seoul is a Korean skincare company that sells all different types of Korean skincare brands which are available to purchase within the U.K. . I’m sure most of you are aware, when it comes to Skincare, Korea is at the top of the game, with the latest and most innovative products which promote…
5 self-care habits you should integrate in your life

1. Wake up early, Rise and Shine Beauties. Waking up early and sleeping on time is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle and getting more things done throughout your day.  Once you start to regulate a healthy sleeping pattern, you will automatically feel super productive and realise how much you can actually get done in the day, and leave the evening to relax and unwind.  A key aspect in waking up early, is the improvement of your mental health as well as physical health as over sleeping can lead to headaches , back pain and other health related issues.
If you are one of the many people who wake up with a puffy face,  it could be due to over sleeping, or even sleeping late. However, once you regulate your sleeping pattern, you will start to realise when waking up early, your skin will not be as puffy, but slowly start to look more balanced and awake. Waking up early, has always been a part of my lifestyle, since my dad is an early…