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Morphe Store in Birmingham 
Things you need to buy !

Whenever I think about Morphe, I always think about Jaclyn Hill, so I thought it would be perfectly appropriate to introduce this post with her gorgeous face. I think most people think the same as I do, as Jaclyn's isle was almost empty within seconds of the stores opening in Birmingham's Bullring.

Finally, there is a Morphe store in Birmingham. For those of you who live in London and America, you probably don't understand the pain of waiting for 3 days for your delivery to come through from Cult Beauty or Beauty Bay. Finally no more waits! I can just go in store and grab my favourite items.
The Morphe store also stock Jeffree Star goodies, Soo if your a fan, let me tell you, they have literally everything from his line 😱

This is his Blood Sugar Pallette which is sold out on his website and everywhere else online, but they had in store which is the best thing ever! The colour pay off is surreal, for light , tan or even d…
Brunch at  Caffé Concerto
If you travel through Birmingham Grand Central Station, or just stop by for some shopping, then you need to try out Caffe Concerto. Its on the second floor, at the centre of the station, right next to the electric stair case. This place is absolutely divine !

There is a huge selection of fresh pastries and cakes, ready for eating or to take out ! The taste is just as good as the pastries look. Since Caffe Concerto is an Italian Cafe, you should try out authentic Italian desserts such as their Tiramasu and Cannolis ( Mmmmm, who remembers the Cannolis from the show Carlos Bakery ! They looked soo tasty 😋) and they have them in this Cafe !

Also, their cakes are worthy contenders. I've tried a few of the cakes during my visits such as the forest cake ( its chocolatey with fruits ) and their Chocolate Gateaux for any rich chocolate lovers out there. They have such a different range of flavours for their Eclairs, including Pistachio, Vanilla and chocolate.  The P…
Boston Tea Party BTP

If you're a person like me who is a sucker for cute places to eat at, then continue reading :) I've visited Boston Tea Party a few times with friends, either for a small catch up, or a quick brunch, and its the perfect place to unwind and relax. If you're looking for a place to eat and do your work, BTP is a great option as the cafe is huge, meaning there is always space for you to sit in a little corner and get on with your work .

The menu comes with a wide selection of choices for everyone, from Gluten free options, to Vegan, Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian, so its perfect . Below, i'll mention a few options you can choose from if you're a first time visitor or you would like to just try something different the next time you go.

As you enter the cafe, you will find a variety of different fresh cakes, which are all labelled whether they are GF, Vegan, or Suitable for Vegetarian.

An option which I have had is the Almond cake, which is  great  with…