Boston Tea Party

If you're a person like me who is a sucker for cute places to eat at, then continue reading :)
I've visited Boston Tea Party a few times with friends, either for a small catch up, or a quick brunch, and its the perfect place to unwind and relax.
If you're looking for a place to eat and do your work, BTP is a great option as the cafe is huge, meaning there is always space for you to sit in a little corner and get on with your work .

The menu comes with a wide selection of choices for everyone, from Gluten free options, to Vegan, Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian, so its perfect .
Below, i'll mention a few options you can choose from if you're a first time visitor or you would like to just try something different the next time you go.

As you enter the cafe, you will find a variety of different fresh cakes, which are all labelled whether they are GF, Vegan, or Suitable for Vegetarian.

An option which I have had is the Almond cake, which is  great  with some Tea. Its the perfect combination for something light to eat , if you're not super hungry, but want something to have at the same time.

One of my favourite things to order at BTP, is the Blueberry pancakes. Its the best thing ever ! It comes with a side of Yogurt and its such a great option for a quick Breakfast, served with a glass of fresh orange juice.

Here are a few things my friends ordered, which are notable mentions to definitely try out .

Cerys, ordered Sweet potato fritters, which as you can tell, she digged into before I could take a picture, alongside a sausage Bap, which I also didn't manage to take a photo of .

Becky and Simran  all chose different drinks. 
White hot chocolate
Hot chocolate
Iced Coffee.
And I, had Loose Peppermint Tea x

Last but not least is a Halloumi sandwich, which has mixed reviews by my friends, but I guess you have to try it, in order to make your decision whether it is a Yay or a Nay .

In all, I think BTP is a great Breakfast place to eat at, with great service and customer satisfaction. 

There are a few branches in Birmingham ;
Solihull, Harborne and  Edgbaston

Comment down below if you've been to BTP, or plan to visit the place.


  1. Love your content!!!! You definitely did justice to BTP with your review and great visuals too!!!


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