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5 self-care habits you should integrate in your life

1. Wake up early, Rise and Shine Beauties. Waking up early and sleeping on time is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle and getting more things done throughout your day.  Once you start to regulate a healthy sleeping pattern, you will automatically feel super productive and realise how much you can actually get done in the day, and leave the evening to relax and unwind.  A key aspect in waking up early, is the improvement of your mental health as well as physical health as over sleeping can lead to headaches , back pain and other health related issues.
If you are one of the many people who wake up with a puffy face,  it could be due to over sleeping, or even sleeping late. However, once you regulate your sleeping pattern, you will start to realise when waking up early, your skin will not be as puffy, but slowly start to look more balanced and awake. Waking up early, has always been a part of my lifestyle, since my dad is an early…