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Beauty & Seoul First Impression on Korea's Best Skincare products
One of my absolute gorgeous besties came by the other day to drop off some gifts which she had been waiting to give me from her recent holiday. There was no need for all the gifts, just seeing her made my day, but I guess I had no say in that department.

Now, aside from what she got for me from her trip, being the Amazing human that she is, she added extra touches of her thoughtfulness with stuff she thought I would like, or things I should try out.
One of the gifts she had given me was labelled“ Maybe a new blog post “, which was the cutest thing ever.

So of course, this post is all because of her. ( Thank You Zaynab)
Beauty&Seoul is a Korean skincare company that sells all different types of Korean skincare brands which are available to purchase within the U.K. . I’m sure most of you are aware, when it comes to Skincare, Korea is at the top of the game, with the latest and most innovative products which promote…