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Come Dress shopping with me x

Wedding season as well as prom are next to each other and the time is coming so soon. 
So, as my Instagram poll suggested by you all, that I should do a blog post as well as post some pictures on my Instagram story on dress ideas, here goes . If you don’t already follow me on Instagram, then go ahead and follow @humairascorner. I share content daily, mainly related to beauty and skincare and other interesting stuff.
Last week, I was just walking past David’s Bridal, when the idea of prom and wedding dress blog post idea hit me. More like Eureka ✨✨. I went in, and the staff were so lovely and were completely fine with me taking as many pictures as I wanted . Most of the time when you walk in to pretty shops as such, you tend to feel quite uncomfortable thinking you have to buy something and that you can’t just look around. However, in David’s Bridal it's quite the opposite. It’s the ideal place to go to for either wedding, prom or any party dresses. Oooh, t…