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I tried Amazons best-selling Face Mask and here is what I thought.

Now, Amazon sells all sorts of super cool, weird, useful and not so useful stuff. I mainly buy stuff of Amazon, when I know they aren't available in the UK, or after I watch 'Tasting American Candy' on YouTube, I fall into temptation and order a bunch of American sweets. However, Amazon also sells beauty products and specifically the Aztec Healing Clay Mask. I've heard tons of positive reviews all over YouTube, Instagram, Blogs and from people in general about how amazing this mask is. So, obviously I had to try it out, plus I knew it would be great to write about, since most people do YouTube Demos, I’ll be doing a writing demo 😊
OK, first let me tell you all the reasons why I had to buy the mask. (Maybe, you might become as tempted as I was, and you might just hop on to Amazon and order one too)
1. The mask is a #1 Bestseller on Amazon. On Amazon there is a feature, where you can check out which products…