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New Cleanser | Rituals Mild Cleansing Milk

Okkkkk !So I haven't tried a new cleanser ever since I fell in love with my ultimate fave Fresh Soy Cleanser. However, I have reached to the pit bottom of my cleanser and I was contemplating whether I should try something new on my skin. I've been using the same cleanser for a few years, so I thought maybe it's time I try a different cleanser out because there are so many amazing cleansers out there.

My skin is very sensitive, so I am little skeptical when it comes to trying out something new on my skin, especially if its for my daily routine.

I had seen an offer for the Rituals Milk Cleansing Milk online, so I wanted to go in store and try the product out and talk to the experts whether it was suited to my skin type. 
If any of you have visited any of the rituals stores, you will know how zen the atmosphere is. The white flower tree decor and the Ayurvedic smell of holistic and traditional scents fill up the store which is always con…