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The Cult Beauty Starter Kit
Worth it or Not?

Do any of you have a friend that always tempts you to buy stuff, because ‘it’s just so amazing’ or ‘omg you have to get it’. Yes! I do, and that’s how I come across a lot of products, believe it or not. So, the latest item or shall say items that my friend told me about last week was the Cult Beauty starter kit. My friend told me how it was so worth the money, and that I just needed to get it, so I did. I thought it would be something of interest to a lot of you since the products in this box are so different and the pricing is actually so affordable. I thought I would get into the pricing first to tempt you a little, then as you continue to read you can make your own mind up to see whether the box is worth it or not.

The cult beauty box retails for £30, however I used the discount code YOU15 to receive extra discount and I paid £25 for the box. Now, let me tell you what comes in the box.

The first thing I noticed in the box was the Huda Bea…
A special something for you

Friends, friendship. What does it mean to you? How important are they when it comes to your daily life?
Well, for me, my friends are like my sisters. Whether I speak to them every day, or once in a while, my friends are one of the most important people in my life. If anyone knows me, then a common phrase I hear them all say is that ‘Humaira can speak for the world’, and when it comes to my friends, I can just keep and going, without stopping, because I have so much to talk about, same goes with my family.
I have friends of different calibres. Some whom I speak to on a daily basis. I also have some friends where we are just so busy, we speak after weeks and months, but our conversations just continue where we left off from, and that is such a special attribute.
What does friendship mean to you? For me, when it comes to my friends, they are the people I care about, and the people I wish to succeed and I want them to do really well in life.
Succeed? What do I …